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All of my pieces are based around a papier-mâché figure or figures. I use the layering method of pasting torn strips of paper over each other to build the figures up.

I use old books that are past saving. I like transforming them so they experience a second life and tend to let some of the text show through the paint on finished pieces, hints of the stories they told.

The figures are usually mounted in a box. This can be made of paper but I often use old tins. Their decoration can provide an evocative counterpoint to the interior and the figure within. I also love the marks of use they bear: the scratches, dents, discolouration - all evidence of their age. Whilst I don't get rid of existing rust, I treat all the tins I use so that they are protected from further rusting.

I have been exhibiting my work since 2009 and have work in private collections both in the UK and abroad.

I'm happy to consider commissions.